This is who we are… This is what we do…

Want to make the world a better place? Think that one person can’t make a difference?

Think again.

And do this:

And then try some of this:

And to see how much we’ve grown over the past year and a half… Please watch this.

Want to read about what this is? What we are about? And what exactly is this???

Try here, where journalist Justin King has written about #OpHumanAngels. And here, where another writer, Noreen Sadik has also written about OHA.

Find us here on the Main FB Page:

The OpHumanAngels movement has escalated to round the clock Ops with people from all over the world participating anytime 24/7 365 days a year.

December event page:

Please find us. Please join us. The world needs all of us.


Please share with us your stories of the Global Op day, here or on FB.

We love all your stories… They help to save our world.

Please find additional ideas for The GlobalOpDays here. Brenda Marie Hightower has done a fabulous job taking this to the next level <3.